Fall Advance to cover Ohio’s job outlook and the digital transformation of accounting

Developments in Ohio’s economic and business environment as well as strategies for automating workflow to achieve operational excellence are among the key topics OSCPA President and CEO Scott Wiley will cover during Fall Advance Live.

This dynamic and interactive event is a complimentary member benefit that provides 4 hours of CPE as part of the broader Advance program which includes up to 12 hours CPE through a combination of in-person and On-Demand learning.

Wiley will share his insights on a variety of emerging business trends, regulatory developments and other key issues facing the profession, including:

  • Supply chain reinvention and the impact on logistics.
  • The shifting landscape in the world of recurring revenue.
  • Strategies for motivating employees and the secrets to keeping top talent.
  • Workplace wellness issues and tips to address them.
  • OSCPA’s legislative initiatives and how statewide races are shaping up.

Locations fill up quickly. Click here to learn more about Advance and to reserve your seat.

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