The Accounting Careers Leadership Academy (ACLA)

This exciting opportunity is a virtual all-expense-paid conference for accounting majors from all backgrounds.
ACLA aims to prepare students for a successful future in the accounting industry, strengthen professional skills and highlight the limitless possibilities of a career as a CPA.

This event is specifically designed to increase the number of CPAs and accounting professionals, including, but not limited to those who identify as: having a disability, LGBTQ, veterans, first-generation, and people of color.

ACLA 2021 

When: May 19, July 7, September 15 & November 12
How: Sign up today!
What: Engage in 3 one-hour virtual interactive sessions with expert leaders in the profession to:

  • Improve leadership skills and increase self-confidence
  • Learn strategies for enhancing professional success
  • Gain a clear vision for becoming a workplace leader 
  • Obtain knowledge on how to succeed as a CPA
  • Prepare for the steps following graduation


Are you with a firm or company? Connect with Lori Brown to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.  

For more information about ACLA, please contact:
Becky Hixen
Director, Student & Young Professional Initiatives
614.764.2727 x2248