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What Tax Practitioners Need to Know About Medicare

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Friday September 27, 2024 8:30AM - 10:20AM
Topics: Tax
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When the first cohort of Baby Boomers turned age 65 several years ago, tax advisors began to be bombarded with questions concerning all facets of Medicare. How does Medicare work? How do I apply? How much does it cost? Is Medicare optional or required? This program provides a basic introduction to the Medicare program and covers many of the areas of the Medicare program that clients are most interested in. If you, or some of your clients, have questions relating to Medicare, this program is a must for you. 

Learning Objectives 

• Understand who is eligible for Medicare 

• Determine whether an individual will have to pay a surtax for Medicare Part B and Part D coverage 

• Ascertain whether private or spousal insurance options are preferable to Medicare 

Major Topics

• Eligibility for Medicare 

• How to apply for Medicare 

• Introduction to Parts A, B, C, and D of Medicare 

• Payments for Parts B and D of Medicare: the higher costs imposed on higher income beneficiaries 

• Late enrollment penalties 

• Medicare Advantage in lieu of original Medicare 

• The Affordable Care Act’s impact on Medicare 

• Current and late breaking legislative and regulatory developments 

Designed For

Tax practitioners who currently advise or who anticipate advising clients with respect to Medicare enrollment and/or Medicare coverage issues 

This virtual seminar is being offered through our partnership with Midwest State CPA Societies. You will launch from your MyOSCPA learning center day of and be prompted to enter in name and state society at time of entering.