Looking to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace? The Ohio Society of CPAs offers a wide range of DE&+I services to discover pain points and address your concerns in this arena.

Below are the different services we offer. Please contact our Chief Learning Officer, Tiffany Crosby, CPA, CGMA, MBA, for more information.

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  • Culture Assessment

    Our culture assessment helps organizations differentiate between current culture and desired culture. The culture assessment process includes analyzing an organization's expectations, experiences, philosophy as well as the values that guide member behavior in an organization.

  • Strategy ConsultingOpen or Close

    We advise companies and organizations on their high-level diversity, equity and inclusion strategy in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver best results.

  • Train the Trainer

    We equip your designated leaders with best in class techniques and resources to facilitate engaging, compelling, and thought-provoking diversity, equity and inclusion training.

  • Evaluations, Assessments and MeasurementsOpen or Close

    We use evaluations, assessments and measurements to understand how well your diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, practices and programs achieve your defined goals. Based on our analysis we also make recommendations what could be improved.

  • DE&I Maturity Curve/Sustainability PlansOpen or Close

    Our maturity curve model and sustainability plans are intended to guide companies and organizations in their design of diversity, equity and inclusion strategies that achieve their defined objectives. These objectives might include creativity, innovation and business growth.

  • Focus Group Facilitation (Issue-based)

    We convene organization leaders and other interested persons to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion issues and gain consensus on the best approach to address the issues within the defined context. The 60-90-minute discussion is led by a trained moderator.