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Nonprofit news from around the web: May 6 -10, 2024

Written on May 9, 2024

Why should someone grant you $1 million or more instead of the other organization? Here are five tips for you to remember when you answer that question and tell a donor exactly why. 

Building the capacity of your nonprofit organization isn't just a smart move; it's the rocket fuel that propels you toward your mission. Here are four ways to kickstart your nonprofit's growth and capacity to better meet your mission. 

To ensure fundraising emails drive high response rates, nonprofits should be aware of key email best practices that will significantly improve the odds of emails not only landing in the recipient’s inbox, but also being opened and read.  

Leaders of 11 of the nation’s largest charities banded together in an urgent appeal to Congressional leaders to reverse last week’s rules change restricting lawmakers’ ability to request earmarks for nonprofits in their districts. 

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