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OSCPA student ambassador thrives on embracing her authenticity

Written on Oct 12, 2023

By Cecilia Yontz, OSPCA marketing and communications intern 

Authenticity and persistence are two things that OSCPA student ambassador Ayana Witherspoon believes have helped her stand out thus far in her college career. 

“Be your authentic self,” said Witherspoon, a junior majoring in political science at Wilberforce University, on advice she would give students navigating the internship process.  

A self-proclaimed “internship guru,” Witherspoon has sought out and landed many great internship opportunities. This has inspired her to help other students discover what opportunities await them.  

“I love doing internships and being able to motivate my peers and tell them where they can reach out and go for resources to get these internships and earn these hours is really fulfilling,” she said. 

Witherspoon’s relationship with OSCPA started during her internship with the Ohio State Auditor where she learned more about accounting and its benefits, even as a political science major. After attending ACAP-Ohio this summer, Witherspoon knew she wanted to bring the student ambassador program to her university. 

“Accounting spreads everywhere. You can't escape it; everyone has accounting,” said Witherspoon. “I took on the student ambassador role to expose more students to the opportunities they can get within the accounting field. A lot of students might not even have knowledge of the CPA exam and there are business majors that might want to convert to accounting majors. I'm able to spread knowledge and pay it forward, and I’ve always enjoyed doing that.” 

Outside of being an ambassador, Witherspoon plays the euphonium in the Wilberforce University marching band and is a member of the women’s golf team. She encourages others to follow their interests and put themselves out there. 

“Have courage and go for it. Don't look down, just go for it,” says Witherspoon. “Anything I've ever wanted to do, I dare myself to just do it. I want to look back when I graduate from college and have no regrets.” 

Witherspoon will graduate with her undergraduate degree next fall and will walk in the spring. She is set to take the LSAT at the end of this year and is looking forward to starting in her career path upon graduating.   

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