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OSCPA, others ask DOL for more comment time on overtime regulations

Written on Oct 6, 2023

OSCPA staff report 

OSCPA is advocating for Ohio CPAs and has joined more than 100 other employer organizations in signing a letter expressing concerns that the recent overtime pay regulations could have a significant impact on younger white-collar professionals.  

On September 25, OSCPA was part of 107 employer organizations that submitted an extension request to the Department of Labor requesting an additional 60 days to the comment period on the agency’s proposed rulemaking altering the overtime pay regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The letter explains, “Given the magnitude of this rule, an additional sixty days is reasonable and will ensure WHD will receive meaningful information, such as more accurate and informative comments, and better understand how the economy and workers will be impacted by the changes being considered.” 

On Aug. 30 the US Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division, issued a notice of proposed rulemaking increasing the requirements for claiming overtime exemptions for Executive, Administrative and Professional employees, commonly referred to as the “White Collar Overtime Exemptions.” Currently, a white-collar employee can only be overtime-exempt (that is, paid on a flat salary basis without overtime) if the employee performs certain functions requiring judgment and discretion, and is paid at least $684 per week, approximately $35,600 annualized. 

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