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How women can claim their professional power

Written on Jul 27, 2023

By Jessica Salerno-Shumaker, OSCPA senior content manager  

While the opportunities for women to achieve their career goals have never been greater, there are still external and internal roadblocks to overcome.   

“Living life on your own terms starts with clarity of purpose,” said Regan Walsh, author of Heart Boss and a presenter at the Women, Wealth & Wellness Conference. Walsh spoke at the conference on ways women can prioritize their life to find fulfillment. 

More than 250 attendees participated virtually on July 20th for the day-long conference, which featured presentations on topics such as having crucial conversations with your coworkers, prioritizing your health, taking big risks in your life and career and more.  

The event also featured a special recognition to the 12 women chosen as Power of Change honorees for the second year. The Power of Change recognition salutes individuals who are advocates for women’s initiatives in the workplace and business community, serve as mentors or role models, make a significant impact on their communities or break barriers for other women.   

A'Shira Nelson, CPA, tax director at Wellspring Financial Advisors and founder of Savvy Girl Money, led a session on financial wellness, highlighting how women can better control their own personal finances.  

Nelson shared during her session that the wage gap between men and women is still prevalent, as for every dollar a man earns white women earn 82 cents, Black women earn 63 cents and Latina women earn 58 cents. She spoke about the importance of talking with your employer about your salary expectations and setting clear goals for yourself when it comes to long-term finances.  

“Save money and it will save you,” she said.  

The conference’s message of different ways women can claim their power rang true throughout the day, emphasizing now is the time to invest in themselves and their career.   

“Keep your antenna up and listen because what’s meant for you is there,” Walsh said. “You have to have the courage to trust your gut and do what it is you need to do.”  

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