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Young CPA inspired to guide younger generations

Written on May 18, 2023

By Cecilia Yontz, OSCPA marketing and communications intern 

Growing up with two parents in the accounting profession, Joe Bernstein had his reservations about following in their footsteps.  

“I should have known that I would have ended up in accounting because I loved accounting in high school,” said Bernstein, CPA, CFE, and transaction advisory services senior at GBQ Partners. 

Before switching to accounting, Bernstein began as an engineering major at the University of Mount Union. Looking back, Bernstein believes that more exposure to the profession in high school would have benefitted him.  

“I think it's important to go to high school students and express just how much respect a lot of accountants have in the industry,” said Bernstein. “Accountants really are on the same level as all the top professions. I think it's important to help them understand that at an early age so they start off in accounting like I should have.” 

Bernstein has had the opportunity to return to his old high school and speak, which he said he has enjoyed doing. This, coupled with his mom’s involvement in the industry, motivated Bernstein to further his involvement and join OSCPA’s YCPA Columbus committee.  

“I've found that it's been making a difference having someone that's actually in the field coming in to talk, so being part of YCPA is a way for me to do that,” he said. 

Being a mentor is something that Bernstein has been able to do through his role at GBQ. He enjoys having the ability to guide younger professionals and finds mentorship extremely beneficial.  

“I love providing guidance or just helping them talk through things,” said Bernstein. “The firm assigns the seniors mentees, but it's definitely something that, even if they didn't assign it, I would have raised my hand to take that role on because I find a lot of value in it.”  

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