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Technology continues to evolve rapidly for the profession and the world – especially during the coronavirus pandemic. OSCPA has created a technology competency curriculum for you to develop and nurture the skills you need to excel.

Gain this essential knowledge through webcasts, certificate programs, on-demands and conferences, and keep track of everything in one place – MyOSCPA!

This competency track with allow you to become proficient in:

  • Business intelligence analysis and dashboards
  • Data analytics visualization
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • General business systems
  • Robotic process automation
  • Blockchain accounting
  • Remote office tools
Quick Learn (1-4 hours): 
October 19: Streamlined Excel Reporting Series Session 1: PivotTable Fundamentals
October 20: Streamlined Excel Reporting Series Session 2: Working with PivotTables
October 21: Streamlined Excel Reporting Series Session 3: PivotTable Wrap-Up and Web Data
October 22: Streamlined Excel Reporting Series Session 4: External Data and PivotCharts
November 10: Developing Your Digital Mindset
November 19: Use Power Pivot to Build More Powerful Pivot Tables
November 19: Blockchain for Not-For-Profits
November 30: Blockchain for Financial Services
December 1: Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 1: Tables and Named References
December 2: Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 2: Data Validation and Conditional Formatting
December 3: Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 3: Workbook Design Principles and Organization
December 4: Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 4: Conditional Summing and Lookups
December 7: Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 5: Error Trapping and Improving Lookups
December 8: Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 6: List Comparisons and Indenting
December 9: Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 7: Date Driven Workbooks and Concatenation
December 10: Excel for Accounting Professionals Session 8: Dynamic Headers, Mapping Tables and Error Check

Self-Study Courses:

Analyze Your Data With Excel Pivot Tables
Create Excel Dashboards for Maximum Impact
Use Power Query to Transform Your Data

Deep Dive (5-16 hours): 

October 13: Blockchain Implications for Tax 
November 2: Integrating Audit Data Analytics into the Audit Process
November 6: Accounting Technology Track at the Columbus Virtual Accounting Show
December 17: Fraud and Forensic Accounting Virtual Conference

Take it to the Next Level (17+ hours): 

SOC for Cybersecurity: AICPA Certificate Program
Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals: AICPA Certificate Program
Cybersecurity Advisory Services: AICPA Certificate Program
Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Finance & Accounting Professionals: AICPA Certificate Program
Cybersecurity Practical Applications: AICPA Certificate Program
Data Analysis Fundamentals: AICPA Certificate Program
Robotic Process Automation Strategy for Business Leaders: AICPA Certificate Program