‘Fancy’ kids show breaks accounting stereotypes

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2018 by User Not Found

By Thera Gialluca, OSCPA Strategic Relationship Manager

Disney Junior’s new animated family comedy, "Fancy Nancy," is centered around a 6-year-old girl who likes to be fancy in everything – from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire. Aside from teaching appropriate table manners and entertaining kids for exactly 23 minutes, here are two reasons this show deserves two thumbs up from the accounting world:

First, the work flexibility and overall personality of Nancy’s father, Doug Clancy, sheds light on an entirely different (and bright) view of a tax accountant. In one episode, Doug works from home, after he learns power at the office is out, proving he can literally work from anywhere (spoiler alert: he ends up in the outdoor playhouse). And though he must work on a Saturday, this flexibility allows him to connect and be present as a parent, letting his kids handle his correspondence, while he multi-tasks with calls to clients and his supervisor.

Second, that supervisor I was referring to is a woman of color.

The creators of Fancy Nancy might not know they are helping to shape and change the image of the accounting profession, but kudos to them! They are showing the highly sought-out office flexibility, work-life balance and diversity in management positions, within the accounting profession. Thanks Disney! We couldn’t have done it better ourselves.