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CPA of Ohio: Mailiis Simovart

Written on Apr 13, 2022

What do you like to do in your free time? 

My favorite hobby is doing my nails. I love nail polish and I do my nails all the time. I even have an Instagram account, manis_by_mailiis, for posting my nail designs when I have free time. I've been doing the account for over two years now. I started in high school right before COVID. So, I had a lot of time to do it. I'd even gotten contacted by nail polish companies. I've been sent free products by a dip powder company called Rossi Nail and a gel company called Madam Glam, so I had to get an N.I.L signed because I am a student athlete. 

 If you could learn any skill overnight, what would it be? 

Another language, I just really love language learning and I'm learning French right now on Duolingo. So, I would love to be multilingual. If I could speak English, Spanish, French Portuguese, and Italian; that would be my goal. But I think I’m gonna stick with three. Or be fluent in English and Spanish then know a little bit of like French and Portuguese that would be really cool. I just love language learning and I think everyone should learn a second language. I'm really passionate about it.