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ACLA scholarship winner ready to take advantage of opportunities the profession offers

Written on Feb 3, 2022

By Jessica Salerno-Shumaker, OSCPA senior content manager 

Accounting first caught the interest of college student Anthony Patrick after attending a high school business program. His participation in ACAP-Ohio the next year solidified it.  

“And by that point, I fell in love with it,” he said. “I saw the possibilities, and not just because the program was designed for underrepresented minorities. I saw not just simply the future of accounting, but also the future of diverse accountants.” 

Patrick, a junior accounting major at Miami University, has participated in numerous Ohio CPA Foundation Programs, including ACAP-Ohio and CPA Camp. He said he grew up with parents who both had jobs in the business field, and always expected to do the same. He even started a carwash and snow shoveling service in his hometown of Cleveland as a child. 

Patrick said attending The Ohio CPA Foundation programs had a significant impact on him, as it helps bridge the divide between classroom and “real world.” 

“A lot of students will often complain about as much as we learn in the classroom there's often a disconnect from what we actually experience in our fields,” Patrick said. “The more that I've got professional experience, the more and more that I come to appreciate programming like ACLA, because I feel a more interconnected understanding of my major and the impact that I can have.” 

He’s had internships with Nationwide, Ernst & Young and KeyBank and has an internship with Protiviti, a consulting firm, this summer. He said he’s eager to get as much experience as he can while in school. 

“I think it's great to know things academically, but to be able to know it in practice and true applications, that's invaluable,” he said. 

Patrick’s commitment to learning and appreciation for the profession has been recognized by The Ohio CPA Foundation, as he’s recently been awarded the 2021 ACLA College Scholarship. 

“It really does help me, and I see them as investing in me,” he said. “I really do take them seriously. And it means the world to me.” 

He said after graduation he plans to look for a consulting position where he can work with different businesses and eventually earn his CPA. 

“Accounting is really diverse and there's a lot of avenues you can take,” Patrick said. “In terms of career opportunities, I think being able to have a good foundation through experience has helped show me the power of accounting.”