About The Ohio CPA Foundation

Students today are the CPAs of tomorrow. They are the financial business leaders, consultants and advisors. But how will they know if a career in accounting is right for them?

The Ohio CPA Foundation creates opportunities for students to:

  • Get an inside look at the profession.
  • Meet CPAs and learn about career paths they may have never considered.
  • Be inspired to pursue an accounting degree and become a CPA.

Why is our work important?

It’s no secret that the CPA profession is aging. Today, a full third of all OSCPA members are in their 50s and moving toward retirement.  Trends point to a possible shortage of CPAs in the near future.

Foundation Brochure web coverAnd competition for the best and brightest talent has never been higher, with the increase of STEM education pulling students into science and technology fields.  With the number of high school graduates in Ohio projected to decline by up to 15% over the next decade, the pool of potential future CPAs is getting even smaller.

The Ohio CPA Foundation is committed to showcasing the accounting profession and all it has to offer to inspire students today to become the next generation of CPAs.

Learn more about the ways The Ohio CPA Foundation is supporting the future of the profession by visiting our Programs page or by reading Faces of the Future, our case for support. 


Foundation Leadership

The Foundation is governed by a 13-member Board of Trustees. View the 2018-2019 board roster.

Annual Report

Learn more about our work, see our list of donors, and review our financial statements in our most recent Annual Report.

2019 Quick Facts

  • 11,642  total Pipeline members in Ohio – the largest student membership of any accounting organization in the country
  • 3,000  high school student members who want to learn more about the profession
  • 1,300+  attended Accounting Career Day at a local college and heard from young professionals working in the field
  • 43 continued their career research with a week of intensive training at ACAP in Columbus
  • 8,500+ college student members taking accounting classes and planning their careers
  • 19 student ambassadors on 18 college campuses
  • 1072 college students attended an OSCPA Ambassador campus event
  • 23 college accounting majors from underrepresented backgrounds attended ACLA
  • 301 accounting majors applied for $57,000 of tuition scholarships
  • infinite thanks from young people who have gone through our programs and found their future

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Staff Contact

Lori S. Brown
Director, Partnership Development
614.764.2727, x2221