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Client retention is always a desired accomplishment for firms – and something that is getting harder and harder to achieve. In a recent Accounting Today article, Taylor Macdonald outlined four ways to make sure your firm has a high retention rate and stays relevant in the ever-evolving business field.

Posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 by Jessica Salerno

We know women are underrepresented in leadership across the board in this country. But where do these numbers stack up in accounting?

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By February, holiday joy is a distant memory. This is especially true for accountants in public, as the most wonderful time of the year is followed by what some would call the most hectic time of the year – busy season.

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Do small firms and sole practitioners have the skills and knowledge to work with blockchain accounting and cryptocurrency?

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In a recent Going Concern article by The UNC Master of Accounting Program, they discussed data analytics proficiency and expertise as a valuable asset in today’s scope of accounting.

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Home ownership has declined in recent years and college graduates are increasingly choosing to leave rural communities. Turns out those trends might be related.

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What do accounting firms and Starbucks have in common? According to Darren Root in a recent Accounting Today article, it might be more than you think. And, he is advocating accounting firms take more pages out of their coffee-stained book in the future.

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Instead of committing to goals that are unrealistic or will just leave you feeling guilty in the end, a letter to your future self is an optimistic opportunity to envision your life at the end of the year.

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A company’s brand is like the cover of a book; people are going to make a quick judgment about it almost immediately.

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You might have to add some new study topics to your CPA exam study guide soon. Going Concern reported that technology and data analytics could very likely be areas covered in future CPA exams.

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Connecting with people remains the true bottom line.

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As the list of responsibilities for CPAs grow, it’s understandable if certain tasks get left behind. But neglecting to update your skillset when it comes to analytical tools could be a costly mistake.

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If you haven’t received a SMiShing message yet, you might think you have immunity from this type of attack. Unfortunately, this is probably not the case, starting with the different ways scammers obtain phone numbers.

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2018 has been a busy year at the Ohio Society of CPAs. And, we want to offer a heartfelt thank you to our members. We are grateful to know you, work with you and continue to improve the state of business in Ohio with you. We are looking forward to 2019, and we hope you have a happy, prosperous holiday season.

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Navigating career transitions is always scary. Whether it’s graduating from college and entering the work force or moving from one job to another, having a strong professional support system is pivotal to success.

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CPAs have been added to a lengthy list of “mandatory reporters,” professionals who are legally required to report suspected elder abuse.

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Staring at your to-do list, you feel a growing sense of dread. You just have too much work to do.

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Business networking doesn't need to be any harder for you than the first day of school.

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In her recent commencement speech to Barnard College, Abby Wambach touched on all of these points, but she also emphasized something else to the class of young women: ask for what you’re worth.

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What do you think of when you hear the term "forensic accountant"?