DeWine, Husted, Yost & Sprague earn OSCPA endorsements

OSCPA staff report

The Ohio Society of CPAs has announced its endorsement of Mike DeWine and Jon Husted, for governor and lieutenant governor, respectively, Dave Yost for attorney general and Robert Sprague for state treasurer.

“These candidates each have demonstrated strong leadership when it comes to driving economic development and helping Ohio businesses succeed,” said OSCPA President and CEO Scott Wiley, CAE. “The Society is proud to endorse each one and I firmly believe they will hit the ground running to deliver the best results for Ohio’s economy.”

OSCPA’s 19-member Statewide Endorsement Screening Committee and 15-member Executive Board separately evaluated the candidates before unanimously endorsing them.

An endorsement from The Ohio Society of CPAs is one of the most sought after among candidates. By building relationships with pro-business candidates who pledge to work with the profession on critical issues, the endorsement process also serves as an important way CPAs shape the future of the state.

Fairness, objectivity and integrity weigh heavily in the Society’s member-driven endorsement process, which intentionally does not look at a candidate’s position on a single issue, but at their overall leadership on issues high on the CPA profession’s legislative agenda. Additional factors that are considered include a candidate’s background and experience, philosophy on key business and economic issues, and their working relationship with OSCPA and CPAs in their district.

Mike DeWine & Jon Husted

Ohio’s gubernatorial and lieutenant governor candidates run together on one ticket.

DeWine18DeWine has broad experience tackling tough issues in Ohio and a vision for what Ohio needs to succeed. As attorney general, he works hard to protect Ohio families and, as governor, he will help attract, retain and grow employers and the skilled workforce Ohio’s economy needs to thrive.

hustedHusted, who is currently serving as Ohio’s secretary of state, has improved the Business Services division to make it easier for Ohioans to start businesses. He’s also implemented technology checks and balances to clean up voter databases. As lieutenant governor, he will help provide leadership to help cut regulations, drive positive outcomes and operate Ohio’s government efficiently.

Dave Yost

Yost18As Ohio’s current state auditor, Yost has been committed to protecting Ohio businesses from unfair policies, helping defend consumers against scams and promoting best practices for collaboration. He will provide thoughtful, common sense leadership as Ohio’s attorney general to better understand and confront the issues impacting business leaders, including CPAs.

Robert Sprague

Sprague18Sprague – now serving as a state representative in Ohio’s 83rd District – has an extensive financial education and background and public- and private-sector expertise that position him perfectly to serve in the important fiduciary role of Ohio’s state treasurer. As a state legislator, he worked closely with OSCPA to drive important government efficiencies that saved taxpayer dollars and increased transparency.

If you have questions about these candidates or want to know more about the endorsement process, please contact the government relations team. Additional endorsements will be released soon.


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  1. Michael | Jun 04, 2018
    if you want to have a chance on growing Ohio's economy and create more jobs, then the endorsed candidates give Ohio the best chance. I would hope that the Society also endorses Frank LaRose for Secretary of State.
  2. Anon. | Jun 03, 2018
    Get real folks. Do you really believe the Democrats are interested in making Ohio stronger through supporting business and lowering business and personal taxes? 
  3. ed | Jun 01, 2018
    I cannot believe our "professional" organization is so naive and blind to constantly endorse Republican candidates for state office.  I am terribly dismayed at this display.  I am extremely happy that I have never supported our PAC.  It also bothers me that our 15 member executive board endorsed these people.  What is our dues going for?  Our executive board and officers of our organization such give up their compensation.  My dues is to support our profession, not the professional politicians.
  4. PATRICK J OREILLY | May 31, 2018
    I too have contributed to the OHIOCPAPAC  for the last time. Certainly not bipartisan. 
  5. DJ | May 31, 2018

    I too stopped contributing for that reason

    Not hard to guess who they endorse

  6. Joe | May 31, 2018
    I have to agree with the previous comments too.  It's always a given the Republican will get the endorsement.  I don't think the OSCPA should make any endorsements...period.
  7. Margaret | May 31, 2018
    All of the above comments reflect my own and continue to support my decision to never contribute to the PAC.  It must really be the Republican PAC as it has appeared in my 20+ years of membership
  8. T.J. | May 31, 2018
    If you read the small print of the OSCPA's logo it reads, "ADVANCING THE STATE OF BUSINESS".   I understand the society's endorsement to be supportive of candidates best for business.  I desire no further guidance from the OSCPA on the many other issues facing the candidates. 
  9. Howard | May 31, 2018
    Do you EVER endorse Democrats, or do you just blindly endorse Republicans?  Do you ever look at policies other than economics?  These people are social Neanderthals. 
  10. Mike | May 31, 2018
    You could have just said that you looked for the R next to the name and then decided the endorsements. 

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