Talent management news from around the web: September 18 – 22, 2023

Written on Sep 22, 2023

Hybrid jobs surge 29% year-over-year, remote jobs decline 
Interest in hybrid roles has remained intact as companies seem to be trying to strike a balance between complying with return-to-office requirements and offering work flexibility. 

When it comes to open enrollment, some employees have regrets 
Nearly one-half of employees say there are elements of their benefits package they don’t fully understand, according to a new MetLife survey. 

Battling burnout: Resilience can’t fix a toxic workplace 
Resilience training, while beneficial, cannot single-handedly combat the detrimental effects of a toxic work culture. 

Quality jobs encourage advancement, learning, workers say 
Those with high-quality jobs were significantly more likely to say their employer provides them with the training needed to advance in their careers, a report said.