CPA exam bill clears House committee

Written on Jun 05, 2020

The Ohio House Commerce & Labor Committee this week reported out a bill that would allow candidates to take the CPA Exam sooner. A House floor vote could take place as soon as next week.

OSCPA strongly supports HB 442 based upon the input of member employers, its Executive Board, Young CPA Board and student members. If passed, the bill would change Ohio law to enable Ohio CPA candidates to start taking the CPA exam after they have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent of 120 semester hours – consistent with 37 other states. As with every other state, all would be required to finish their 150-hour requirement, pass the exam and have a year of experience before being licensed. The bill also eliminates the extra year of experience penalty impacting anyone who starts taking the exam prior to meeting the 150-hour requirement.

Legislators this week added an amendment that would also allow someone holding an MBA and 15 credit hours of accounting classes to sit for the CPA exam. The committee then reported the bill out unanimously.

We still need your help to make this law change a reality! Legislators value hearing from constituents, so contact your state representative TODAY! It’s easy and will take you just a few minutes using OSCPA’s Take Action tool. Enter your name and home address, and a sample email message will appear. You can either send it as is or – much better – add your personal examples such as how it would impact you or someone you know, and why this will be helpful. To do that, simply click “preview” to the left of the draft email and you can make any changes you wish. When you are ready, then hit “send.”

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