A high school student’s perspective on what it means to be a CPA

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern 

It takes some people years to figure out what they want to do with their career, but Aleeza Yakoob has it figured out as a junior in high school. 

“For a while, I’ve been really interested in business,” she said. “I talked to my parents and they told me accounting was super useful.” 

Woman smiling for camera.

Yakoob, who is a student at Columbus Academy, said her decision to pursue accounting solidified last summer when she attended The Ohio Society of CPAs’ CPA Camp at The Ohio State University. 

“I felt like my whole perspective on what accounting is really shifted,” she said. “What stuck out to me was hearing about people who use accounting but in ways that I did not think you would need to use accounting for.” 

For example, Yakoob said she talked to people who were in professions such as law and science, yet they still used accounting in their everyday language. 

“That was interesting,” she said. “Especially as a junior in high school looking into different professions.” 

Yakoob said she also appreciated the opportunity to connect with these professionals. 

“My favorite part was hearing people speak but also connecting to other people,” she said. “I feel like the networking aspect was super intriguing and helpful. The interactions I had with people were super helpful in shaping my perspective of what accounting is.” 

Yakoob also offered advice for her fellow students when it comes to participating in events with The Ohio CPA Foundation. 

“Just go for it. For me I was nervous because everything was over Zoom,” she said. “Honestly, the experience and people I talked to changed my perspective. If I could give advice to my former self, I would say to take risks even if it is uncomfortable at first. This experience is definitely necessary even if you’re in high school.” 

Yakoob said she is excited about the opportunities the profession holds if she were to get her CPA. 

“I’m pretty excited about the knowledge and new perspectives I will gain, and I have a more positive idea of the future and what potentially being a CPA would mean.”