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The opportunity of the remote working model

Written on Apr 14, 2022

By Jessica Salerno-Shumaker, OSCPA senior content manager 

One business expert says companies that don’t embrace remote work risk being bypassed by their competitors. 

“If you don't try it out, this could be a costly business mistake, which all your competitors are evolving towards today,” said Sumit Mahajan, Global Chief Sales Officer at DataMatics Business Solutions, Inc. 

Mahajan said even hesitant companies need to work toward incorporating the remote working modelbecause the pandemic has changed customer and client expectations. Results are expected to come faster and be more accurate than before. For organizations that still operate how they did before 2020, he said this could mean facing serious challenges in the future. 

Adding the remote work is all part of having a business that is both scalable and elastic, Mahajan said, which helps advance the business in the long run. 

“When I'm talking about scalable, you want to make sure you have a talent pool that can   go deep and wide,” he said. 

An impressive talent pool also is a factor in the remote working model, he said. Businesses that are open to finding a range of talent and aren’t constrained by location or in-person requirements have a broader selection  to pick from. As business evolves the staff can evolve with it. 

Applying technologies in a way that will help the business is also crucial, he said. Instead of looking at programs or software that will replace or update what’s currently offered, consider first what will advance the business in a way that aligns with company goals and strategies. That might mean trying something completely new or removing a system that is outdated and hinders progress. 

“You need to start thinking of applying best in class technologies,” Mahajan said. “Because if you don't do that today, you might not survive tomorrow.”