Health care news from around the web: May 24 – 28, 2021

Written on May 27, 2021

Will virtual primary care become a new model of healthcare delivery?
The pandemic drove many patients to their primary care docs via video. And it worked. A telehealth expert explains how this shift could become a permanent hybrid with in-person care.

Immigrants are actually 'subsidizing some of the costs' for all Americans' health care
Despite rhetoric that immigrants are a drain on taxpayers, new research indicates that immigrants have actually been helping to pay for health care for all Americans.

Legislators think they can improve the health care supply chain
Over the last several months, lawmakers from both parties have introduced more than a dozen bills to improve the health care supply chain following failures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Few have made much progress, but several have bipartisan support. 

Corporations encourage employee vaccination but stop short of mandates
Many of the companies with the largest number of employees say they’ll do almost anything to encourage their employees to get vaccinated. But a survey of some of them found that none would be inclined to mandate shots as a condition for holding a job.

Tech Corner - Online schools are here to stay, even after the pandemic
Some families have come to prefer stand-alone virtual schools and districts are rushing to accommodate them — though questions about remote learning persist.

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