CPA Voice: Spotlight on mental health

Written on May 27, 2021

The past year has brought mental health to the forefront of many workplace conversations, with leaders asking how they can best support their people amidst a pandemic. 

The May/June issue of CPA Voice focuses on mental health, and the feature story is a discussion with experts who say it’s an important area that deserves to be integrated into a company’s culture. 

CPA Voice magazine cover.

“Historically, people can talk more openly about their physical health, saying ‘I haven't been feeling well’ or ‘I need to go to the gym,’” said Julie Frischkorn, director of behavioral health and mindfulness at Spark360, an online health and behavior technology company. “But when it comes to mental health, people might think it’s always something that affected someone else, when in reality, we all have mental health. And it's going to exist at varying degrees throughout the course of our lifetimes.” 

The pandemic has forced both employers and employees to recognize mental health in a more urgent way than ever before. Read the entire article now to learn what that means for your organization – and earn a CPE credit for reading the rest of this issue! 

Did you know that reading CPA Voice can help you satisfy your CPE requirement? No matter your location or the time of day – and even without the benefit of electricity – you can gain CPE credit with each issue. 

Every edition includes a 12-question self-assessment exam covering content from that issue. Receive a grade of 75% or higher and you’ll earn one hour of CPE credit in specialized knowledge. 

Best of all, you can take the exam when and where it’s convenient for you. Exams remain available online – and may be completed for CPE – through the same month of the following year. 

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