McDonald’s raising staff salaries to combat employee shortages

Written on May 20, 2021

McDonald’s announced a salary increase for employees of its restaurants in the United States. This measure would serve to increase hiring and retain workers.

The fast food chain said that over the next few months, the salary of more than 36,500 workers will increase by an average of 10%. Until now, salaries for general staff were $12 per hour and between $16 and $18 for supervisors.

With the increase, staff members will earn $11 to $17 an hour, while supervisors will earn $15 to $20 an hour, depending on the location of the restaurant.

The increase applies only for the workers of the 650 restaurants that McDonald's operates directly. This means that all those who work in the franchises, which are the majority, will continue to earn the same.

With the new pay tab, McDonald’s says it expects to attract up to 10,000 new employees in the next few months.

However, many companies and business owners have complained of staff shortages. They argue that many people prefer to continue receiving support from the U.S. government.

Even with the increase, McDonald’s wages are still below the $ 15-per-hour minimum that unions are asking for. Campaigns such as 'Fight for 15' are calling on the company's workers to go on strike on May 19 to demand that sum.

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