2020 Ohio individual income and school district income tax forms available

Written on Jan 04, 2021

The Ohio Department of Taxation has released the tax year 2020 Ohio Individual Income and School District Income Tax forms and instructions, now available at tax.ohio.gov.

Some important forms to keep in mind:

Schedules of Withholding (Forms IT WH and SD WH)
New for tax year 2020, paper filers must complete the Ohio Schedule of Withholding (and Schedule of School District Withholding) listing each wage and income statement (W-2, 1099, etc.) reporting Ohio (or school district) tax withheld. Note: You are still required to include all state copies of your wage and income statements (regardless of Ohio or school district withholding) after the last page of your return.

IT/SD Waiver
Paid tax preparers are required, in most cases, to file their clients’ individual and school district income tax returns electronically. If a taxpayer is unwilling or unable to file electronically, the IT/SD Waiver must be included with the paper return.

IT 10
Certain taxpayers who are not requesting a refund and do not have an Ohio individual income or school district income tax liability can file Ohio form IT 10 instead of the Ohio IT 1040. See the four types of eligible taxpayers listed on the form. Eligible nonresidents may also use the IT 10 to make their nonresident statement in place of filing the IT NRS.

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