Ohio Department of Taxation revises Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate

Written on Dec 07, 2020

The Ohio Department of Taxation recently revised form IT 4, Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate. This updated form, or an electronic equivalent, should be used by new hires or employees making Ohio income tax withholding updates on or after Dec. 7, 2020.

This revised IT 4 replaces the following Ohio withholding forms:

  • The previous version of the IT 4 (Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate),
  • The IT 4NR (Employees’ Statement of Residency in a Reciprocity State),
  • The IT 4 MIL (Military Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate), and
  • The IT MIL-SP (Exemption from Withholding – Military Spouse Employee)

Note: Employees with a valid IT 4, IT 4NR, IT 4 MIL, or IT MIL-SP do not need to complete the updated IT 4 unless they are reporting a change to the information previously provided. Additionally, as with the previous versions of this form, do not send completed IT 4s to the Department. Instead, the employer should retain them for its records.

A copy of the updated IT 4 is available on tax.ohio.gov. If you have questions, please contact the Department of Taxation by email or by calling 888.405.4039.

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