Businesses play critical role in stopping the spread

Written on Dec 03, 2020

OSCPA staff report 

The Ohio Society of CPAs this week – along with a coalition of hundreds of other Ohio businesses and organizations – called on Ohioans to join the effort to halt the spread of the coronavirus. 

Doing so in the coming weeks will save lives and jobs in our state, said OSCPA President and CEO Scott Wiley, CAE. 

Coalition to Stop the Spread

“Hospitalizations in Ohio have surged in the last month, and so many health care workers have become infected or exposed that we risk not being able to care for other patients,” Wiley said. “Public health and the economy are tied together, and the situation has become so dire that we risk another big hit to our businesses. None of us can afford that.” 

OSCPA is one of 60 businesses statewide participating in the Coalition to Stop the Spread, which has committed to mobilize its workforces, customers, vendors and others to take steps to fight COVID-19. Key steps include: 

  • Wearing a mask, even when not mandated by law or policy. 
  • Staying at least six feet away from those outside of your immediate household.
  • Avoiding indoor activities where masks are not worn – even with your close family or friends if you don’t live in the same house.
  • Washing your hands often.
  • Getting tested if you feel sick and avoid others until results are back.
  • Keeping up your guard. It can be difficult, but it’s necessary to keep people working.
  • Encouraging others to follow these guidelines. 

“Whatever you might think about the pandemic, it is a serious challenge to our families and to every company,” Wiley said. “And if we don’t do something about it – starting now – it could cost Ohioans’ business and jobs.” 

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