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Local firm management news from around the web: April 15 – 19, 2019

Written on Apr 15, 2019

Many tax practices are on the edge of greatness – they just need to push
Tax practitioners are in a perfect position to propel their firms to even more success. How? By securing clients’ financial futures and loyalty for years to come.

What are the latest sales tax law updates?
Here are some of the most notable sales tax changes, and the states in which they apply, that could impact sales tax compliance for your retail clients.

AICPA comments on Qualified Business Income deduction
The AICPA has submitted comments to the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the IRS about the guidance regarding the deduction for qualified business income. The Treasury Department and IRS provided the guidance in corrected final regulations. The AICPA provided recommendations in five areas.

Senators unveil bill to impose minimum standards on tax preparers
Two senators have introduced legislation to require minimum standards for paid tax preparers and rescind Preparer Tax Identification Numbers of incompetent and fraudulent practitioners. The bill represents the latest effort to regulate the tax prep industry.

Tech Corner - Apple’s next iPhone might be able to wirelessly charge other devices
Huawei and Samsung recently introduced a helpful feature in some of their latest phones — the ability charge other devices wirelessly off of the new phones, allowing you to share a bit of your battery life in a pinch. A Japanese blog reports that Apple’s next iPhone might include the feature.