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Local firm management news from around the web: Jan. 21 – 25, 2019

Written on Jan 25, 2019

Tax season resources for CPAs
The 2019 tax season has its challenges. New legislation, cybersecurity concerns, tax technology enhancements, due diligence requirements and workload compression are just a few of the issues you’re up against. Use this collection of AICPA resources to set yourself up for a smoother filing season.

Some individual taxpayers get relief from underpayment penalty
Responding to concerns that taxpayers had difficulty estimating their 2018 tax liability because of changes from the TCJA, the IRS issued relief from the penalty for underpayment of estimated income tax to individual taxpayers who have paid 85% of their 2018 tax liability with withholding and estimated tax payments.

4 steps to building accountability at your firm
Most firms will say accountability is a core value or a part of their culture, but how deep does this core value go? It is not enough to say it, you must show it. When management doesn’t hold each other accountable, how does that reflect on the firm?

Automation can't out-human you
Robotics, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies don't mean you become obsolete. They mean you become more human. Download the Human Intelligence eBook to learn how to expand your skills and prove yourself irreplaceable -- even in the age of automation.

Tech Stories - The best smart home devices of CES 2019
If CES is any indication, 2019 is the year that all of the rooms in your home get smart. From mirrors with Google Assistant to toilets with Amazon Alexa, check out our favorite finds from the show.