Partner problems: Feedback can dry up over time

Written on Apr 21, 2016

By Gary Hunt, senior content editor

Getting career feedback and advice can sometimes be as easy as walking in the door for a young professional. But that changes dramatically later, said Rita Keller, author, speaker and president of Keller Advisors, LLC.

“When you get to that partner level, something happens,” Keller said. “It’s not as easy for those below to give you feedback. It’s also not as easy for your peers to give you feedback. So, you distance yourself – especially the managing partners.”

It’s important that veterans don’t allow that to happen, she said. For starters, they should practice “MBWA” – managing by wandering around.

We got Keller’s thoughts about the issue on the latest episode of OSCPA Spotlight.

She said solid communication is a cornerstone for an effective business, but rather than weighty issues, it begins with common courtesy.

“Staff people tell me, partners don’t even say good morning,” she said. “They just come in and go in their office and sometimes shut the door. It’s harder for you to get feedback as you move up, so it’s up to you to take those steps to ask a few people.”

Watch this episode now to learn Keller’s tips on what young professionals can do to foster strong relationships with their superiors. And be sure to check out her blog at

Also, be sure to catch Keller May 11 at OSCPA’s Business Excellence Symposium in Westlake, where she’ll be a part of a roundtable discussion on harnessing business growth and potential.

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