The secret to being a fair manager

Posted on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 by Jessica Salerno

Unfortunately, frustrations with fairness don’t stop on the playground; they also come into play in the workplace. Managers working to be fair with their employees must balance their feedback carefully.

“Sadly, there is no objective measure of fairness,” writes Liane Davey in a Harvard Business Review article. “Instead, each time you attempt to level the playing field on one dimension, you throw it off balance on another. The best, if imperfect, approach is to understand the different forms of fairness and to be thoughtful about when and how you apply them.”

Davey suggested that honest communication will allow employees to trust and have faith in the decision-making process. Explain, as transparently as is appropriate, the factors weighed and anything else that played into the final result, so employees can understand the leader’s perspective. This way employees feel more informed about why certain decisions were made.

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