Tips for working remotely

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2020 by Nicole Fracasso

With the continued spread of COVID-19, more and more offices are beginning to transition to remote work, writes Jennifer Katrulya, CPA, CEO and founder of JenKat Consulting, in a recent article from Accounting Web.

In this article, Katrulya, who is an expert on remote work, offers insight to help professionals transition into working from home.

First, she says to keep everyone connected. When staff makes this transition into working remotely, they can begin to feel isolated. Therefore, it’s important to keep everyone connected through video software. Katrulya recommends using Sneek, an “always on” video software that works with both large and small businesses. Other suggestions include Slack, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Next she says to “set workspace requirements.” While some employees may have a designated room in their home for an office, other members of the staff may not have that option.

“It is important to document firm expectations with regard to home workspaces,” she writes. “And work with each team member to ensure they are able to meet at least the minimum workspace requirements.”

Third, she says to “manage the firm technology and cybersecurity.” Ensuring the cyber safety of employees and making sure they have access to the necessary technical resources should be a top priority, according to Katrulya.

“While this is important even in an office, a remote work environment adds exponentially more points of vulnerability and risk that a firm must carefully address and manage,” she writes.

In addition, Katrulya also recommends utilizing video meetings instead of conference calls, investing in project management training and demonstrating a commitment to work life balance.

Lastly, she suggests getting frequent feedback from staff and clients.

“As important as the financial performance of the firm is, nothing happens without engaged, high-performing staff, and happy, loyal clients,” she writes. “In order to ensure the firm is focusing on the things that matter most to both groups, it is important to consistently ask.”

For more tips on how to successfully work remotely, click here to read the article in full.

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