5 tips for surviving tax season

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2020 by Nicole Fracasso

The heavy workload that comes with tax season can make it an extremely difficult time, even for the best accountants, writes Vanessa Kruze, CPA, founder and CEO of Kruze Consulting. In a recent article from Accounting Today, Kruze offers five tips to aid CPAs throughout busy season.

First, Kruze recommends billing clients in the beginning. This way you won’t have to reach out to clients for payment during your post tax season vacation.

“Collecting that income can be motivating too,” she writes. “After all, if you’ve already been paid, you really owe it to your clients to get it done.”

Next, Kruze says “Don’t be too hard on yourself.” It’s important to remember that work is a marathon, not a sprint. She suggests going on walks and taking breaks to rest your eyes from time to time.

Third, try to add enjoyable activities to your calendar. It’s easy to get caught up in work, especially during tax season but give yourself something to look forward to.

“Do yourself a favor ahead of time and block out some moments to treat yourself to a nice lunch, a massage or a trip to the gym.”

Fourth, ask for help and offer help. Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes to see a problem clearly. If you help your colleagues when needed, they may do the same for you, writes Kruze.

“Working together as a team will help keep your mind from getting overburdened,” writes Kruze. “It also feels really good to help your teammate break through on something that had them stumped.”

Lastly, she recommends protecting your focus by “time-blocking your calls.” Trying to shuffle filings with phone calls can make the process even more overwhelming, you can avoid this by scheduling phone calls during certain times to help you remain focused.

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