Five mistakes to avoid when seeking new clients

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 by Nicole Fracasso

Accountants have to be talented at providing quality service to their clients. But when it comes to marketing and selling this service, many didn’t consider that as part of their responsibility, writes Sandi Leyva, CPA, in a recent article from CPA Trendlines. In this article, Leyva discusses five mistakes to avoid when seeking new clients.

First, Leyva says to avoid “offering every service in the world to every industry in the world.” For example, she specializes in websites for the accounting profession. Her clients know this is her area of expertise and therefore are more trusting in her.

“Plain and simple, it’s better to specialize,” writes Leyva.

Next, she recommends avoiding “not having (or showing) a track record.” Your potential clients need to know what you’ve done and the results you’ve created, she writes.

“Ask for, compile and publish testimonials, client reviews, case studies and other reputation-building tools to show that you’ve produced results for dozens of clients in the past,” writes Leyva.

Her third tip is to avoid overselling. Selling and marketing is a learned skill, just like the skills you already offer your clients.

“It manifests in overselling, which looks needy; selling to the wrong prospect, which is costly; and most crucially, low confidence, which repels just about everyone around you,” Leyva writes.

Fourth, she says to avoid “taking the ‘freedom’ of being an entrepreneur a little too far.” For example, entrepreneurs are used to having it their way, she writes. But that doesn’t mean you can avoid incorporating different aspects into your company. Leyva suggests determining whether this is an area you can handle yourself, or if you need to hire someone with the right experience.

Lastly, she says to avoid “having the belief that selling and marketing are ‘dirty’ or ‘sleazy.’” For example, some people believe salespeople to be “sleazy,” and avoid them like the plague, she says. But a business today can’t succeed without sales and marketing.

“It simply won’t be heard through all the noise that’s out there, and you will stay the world’s best-kept secret.”

To read the article in full and learn more on what Leyva has to say, click here.

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