OSCPA supports HB442

Posted on Monday, January 13, 2020 by Nicole Fracasso

Last month, OSCPA announced its support of House Bill 442, a proposed bill sponsored by Reps. Bill Roemer, R-Richfield, and Thomas West, D-Canton, as well as 15 other state representatives. This bill is intended to allow Ohio CPA candidates to sit for the CPA exam after completing 120 hours of college education.

While there are currently 37 states that already allow this, Ohio is one that still requires CPA candidates to be within 90 days of completing 150 hours of college credits to sit for the exam.

With any legislative change also comes a level of concern. Some members expressed their opinions, saying that current CPAs who worked hard to earn the 150 hours may find this insulting.

However, it is important to note that these 150 hours, as well as one year of work experience are still required to obtain the CPA license.

“150 hours of college education would still be required to become certified as a CPA. The legislation would provide the option for candidates to begin sitting for the CPA exam only,” writes Laura Hay, Executive Vice President of OSCPA.

OSCPA’s support stems from two years of feedback from employers and members.

“Advancing the state of business is not only OSCPA’s tagline, it’s our mission. Ensuring Ohio has a full pipeline of CPAs is a critical component and having a higher threshold for sitting for the CPA exam than most states is putting our pipeline at risk.”

Hearings are likely to take place shortly, and OSCPA members can help! Tell your representatives why HB442 is needed! We’ll help by providing your legislators’ contact information, talking points, and guidance on how best to get your message out. Contact your government relations team now for more information

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