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Legislature passes $3.5B capital budget

Written on Jun 3, 2022

Provided by Hannah News Service

Both chambers of the General Assembly voted to pass HB687 (Oelslager) on Wednesday, sending the capital budget to Gov. Mike DeWine for his signature. 

The House approved the legislation by a vote of 82-8, while the Senate passed it 32-0. 

House Finance Committee Chair Scott Oelslager (R-North Canton) said the bill “supports construction and renovation of facilities that are pillars in our communities, including school facilities, higher education institutions, parks and our cultural organizations.” 

Oelslager also emphasized the funding for public safety, including local jail improvements, school safety grants and higher education safety grants. 

Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney (D-Cleveland) also spoke in support of the bill on the floor, noting that $407 million in the bill was provided through the American Rescue Plan Act. 

After the House passed the bill, the Senate suspended its rules to bring it directly to the floor, with Sen. Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) explaining that it is essentially the same bill as the Senate companion SB343 (Dolan).  

He told his colleagues that the bill reflects their work and said a lot of time and effort went into making sure they can go back to their districts and show what the state is doing. 

“This is an investment in each one of your districts,” Dolan said. 

Sen. Vern Sykes (D-Akron) said the capital budget funds economic development in the state and he is looking forward to the investment it will make. 

The bill passed unanimously.