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Gov. DeWine signs two tax bills into law

Written on Apr 22, 2022

On April 18, Gov. DeWine signed into law House Bill 95, authorizing tax credits to beginning farmers. 

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Susan Manchester, R-Waynesfield, and Rep. Mary Lightbody, D-Westerville, provides nonrefundable income tax credits both to the beginning farmers to offset the cost of a financial management course they’d need to take to qualify, as well as to those who would sell agricultural assets such as farmland, livestock, buildings and equipment to the beginning farmers. 

Gov. DeWine then on April 21 signed House Bill 126 into law. The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Derek Merrin, R-Monclova Township, enacts restrictions on the ability of political subdivisions to challenge property tax valuations and prohibits private-pay agreements, along with several other changes to the valuation dispute process. 

Both bills will become effective 90 days from the dates of his signatures.