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Student ambassador grateful to those who inspired her

Written on Apr 21, 2022

By Jillian Inks, communications and marketing intern 

Proving how essential mentors are to the profession, Youngstown State University senior Aliana Fullerman said her professors helped her succeed in her accounting journey.  

“I do not know where I would be today without them,” Fullerman said. “Specifically, Jessie Wright helped me with my internship and classes. Anything you can think of regarding accounting, she has probably helped me with.” 

Wright, CPA, is a lecturer at YSU, manager at Schreodel, Scullin & Bestic and a member of OSCPA’s Board of Directors. 

Fullerman met Wright in a financial accounting course during Fullerman’s sophomore year. She said she enjoyed Wright’s teaching methods and the support she gives her students. Wright eventually introduced Fullerman to the OSCPA student ambassador program.  

“I was so excited,” Fullerman said when she received Wright’s email regarding the opportunity. “I'm really glad that I did it. I have all these cool opportunities and experiences‚ÄĮunder my belt now.”  

When Wright met Fullerman, she said Fullerman’s outgoing personality, comforting presence and ability to build rapport with students were essential traits for astudent ambassador. Wright said Fullerman has “hit the ball out of the park” as a student ambassador. 

Along with Wright, Fullerman said her freshman professor, Connie Augustine Thompson, also made an impression. 

While her federal taxation class was challenging, Thompson’s dedication helped boost Fullerman’s confidence and expanded her accounting knowledge immensely.  

“She made it so we would push ourselves to do well in the class because she structured each exam to be similar to what a CPA exam would be,” Fullerman said.  

Fullerman is serving as an intern with Schroedel, Scullin & Bestic, LLC and has accepted an offer to work full-time for the company next October in Canfield, Ohio. 

 She is preparing to take the CPA exam after graduation.