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Mental health must continue to be a priority for weary professionals

Written on Feb 17, 2022

By Jessica Salerno-Shumaker, OSCPA senior content manager 

Even as COVID cases continue to decrease in Ohio, it’s still crucial for professionals to prioritize mental health during the pandemic. 

“It’s really important to recognize where we all are, where we've been, as we think about where we're going,” said Scott Wiley, CAE, President & CEO of OSCPA. “And the mental and physical fatigue that we all face from time to time is real.”  

Stress, uncertainty and isolation brought on by the pandemic still very much impacts professionals as they navigate the severity of new variants, caring for loved ones and managing a virtual or hybrid work schedule.  

Wiley said professionals must continue to prioritize mental health because although the pandemic circumstances are no longer new, its continued impact can be draining. And it’s crucial to have a work and team environment that supports mental health.   

“And if you feel like you're in an environment where you are unable to do that, then you really need to evaluate if that's the best environment for you to be in,” Wiley said. 

Risk is evaluated differently than before, Wiley said, both by companies and individuals. And a professional deserves to feel safe and supported where they work. Wiley said companies and individuals will continue to make mistakes as everyone navigates what’s safe, and it’s helpful to also offer grace during this time. 

And while team support is vital, Wiley said professionals need to check in with themselves and understand when they need a break and communicate that to others.  

“At the end of the day, we know this is not going to be perfect,” Wiley said. “But I think the business community continues to do a good job. And we've just got to continue to find our way forward.”