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Vaccine mandates and returns to office could mean more Covid-19 employer lawsuits

Written on Feb 10, 2022

OSCPA staff report 

COVID-19-related employment lawsuits more than doubled last year from 2020, and could be poised to rise further this year, one law firm says. 

Fisher Phillips LLP's Covid-19 litigation tracker reports at least 2,878 Covid-19-related employment lawsuits filed in 2021 compared to 1,341 cases filed in 2020. 

The vaccine mandates and return-to-office plans means cases could continue to rise in 2022. Experts say both issues are difficult to maneuver, and the data showed substantial growth in vaccine-related litigation starting after the Food and Drug Administration gave full approval to the Covid-19 vaccine, sparking an increase in vaccine mandates and various penalties for unvaccinated employees. 

While Ohio legislative leaders largely hit the pause button on vaccination and mask related bills from a lack of consensus, they are being urged by the business community to take up unresolved concerns related to lawsuit immunity for businesses – an issue championed by The Ohio Society of CPAs and other business organizations. Qualified immunity for COVID-related issues had previously expired Sept. 30.