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Husted talks innovation, Bengals with OSCPA members

Written on Jan 28, 2022

 By Jessica Salerno-Shumaker, OSCPA senior content manager

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted joined around 900 OSCPA members on Thursday to discuss the opportunities awaiting Ohio in 2022 and beyond. 

 “The economy in Ohio is going great, we are creating jobs faster than ever,” Husted said. “So what do we do about it? This is where it takes imagination and coordination at all levels.”

Husted was the guest at the Jan. 27 Town Hall hosted by OSCPA President and CEO, Scott Wiley, CAE, discussing workforce development issues, the Great Resignation and more.

Workforce staffing issues are impacting the entire country, Husted said, and Ohio is not immune. People are leaving their jobs for health reasons, retirement, lifestyle choices or to simply find other employment. There are numerous solutions to deal with these issues.

The TechCred program will help to strengthen Ohio’s workforce, Husted said, as it offers employers reimbursement of up to $2,000 for an employee’s training in a short-term credential.

“We've had more than 32,000 people take advantage of it, and nearly 1,700 employers take advantage of it,” Husted said. “And it's working very well at helping to upskill the workforce.”

The new Intel chip factory that will be built in Licking County with a capital investment of $20 billion, was also a topic of discussion. Husted said it will bring in 3,000 direct jobs, plus tens of thousands more indirect jobs. Intel has pledged to spend $100 million to develop talent for the new facility, which is the largest economic event in Ohio history.

And for small businesses, there is the Office of Small Business Relief, he said, intended to help businesses who can demonstrate they were harmed by the pandemic. He also spoke of Ohio’s efforts to become an attractive regulatory and tax environment for businesses, years’ worth of work which has resulted in the Intel facility announcement.  

He spoke of the efforts to reduce the income tax rate in Ohio, and adjusting the capital gains tax to allow for Ohio businesses. OSCPA’s advocacy team continues to fight on multiple fronts for Ohio businesses and the accounting profession and advocate to keep Ohio a business-friendly state. 

“We have to continue to do work on our local tax challenges that we face as we want to continue to make it easier for people to comply with their tax filings and bills,” Husted said. “But Ohio has come a long way. We have great opportunities that lie in front of us on building a workforce and our community will be a critical element of whether we capitalize on the opportunity that's coming our way.”

And in in a moment of levity, Wiley asked Husted about his prediction for the Bengals football game on Jan. 30 (at the time it was still three days away) and his prediction turned out to be spot on! Watch it below: 


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