Payroll Relief promises: More profit, less work. Absolutely!

Written on Oct 15, 2020


If you are genuinely serious about your payroll practice then you'll be delighted to learn that: No matter what payroll solution you are currently using, you will generate more profit with Payroll Relief from AccountantsWorld while reducing your firm's workload. 

Payroll Relief promises: More profit, less work.

Give us just one hour of your time, and we'll show you how we make it possible. After our consultation, if you feel we did not live up to your expectations, then we’ll compensate you for one hour of your time. The only requirement for this offer is that your firm processes at least 25 payrolls.

We'll spend a part of that hour to understand your practice. Then we'll demonstrate the Payroll Relief solution. In the end, we'll work with you to see how much value we can add to your practice. Please make sure that the person who is most intimately involved in the use of your current payroll system is on the consultation.

The math is straightforward.

Payroll Relief reduces staff hours to a bare minimum by performing complex and time-consuming payroll tasks automatically, on time, and with 100% guaranteed accuracy of calculation:

  • Direct deposit of paychecks, childcare payments, and payment of virtually all payroll taxes
  • E-filing of payroll federal and state forms
  • Year-end processing, including e-filing of all W2s, 941s, 1099s, and more

Find out more and schedule a demo regarding how Payroll Relief can benefit your practice today.