Perspective: What it’s like to be in college during the coronavirus pandemic

Written on Oct 08, 2020

By Beth Heimbuch

If someone had told me that my senior year of college at Xavier University would involve Zoom classes and wearing masks all around campus, I would not have believed them. 

It was hard to imagine going a full semester of taking higher-level courses completely online. And six months since our world changed, I’m still hoping I will get the opportunity to walk across a stage at graduation for a diploma that I have worked so hard to earn. 

Professionally dressed woman smiling for camera.My college campus has undergone many changes to accommodate to safety guidelines of the pandemic. Everyone on campus must wear masks everywhere they go, and many classes have gone fully remote, been broken into two small groups or are now hybrid classes (half meets in person, while the other half meets through Zoom). In the classrooms, we are all socially distanced and cannot sit next to anyone at tables. Even club meetings must take place through Zoom. It truly is such a strange experience and not what I ever expected. Before this happened, I looked forward to meeting new people through my classes each semester. However, I have learned to be open to the change. I would much rather be healthy and learn remotely or in a new setting than put myself or others at risk. 


While this has been a huge transition for me, I have learned so much about myself and about my school. I have learned how to manage my time better and to communicate more with my professors because of the inability to meet in person. Because of this, I have created better relationships with some of them. Additionally, I have a much deeper respect for my professors and faculty of Xavier. They are doing all that they can to allow the students to still have a college experience. They are assisting students with networking in Virtual Career Fairs and other recruiting events, especially for seniors who are looking for full-time positions upon graduation. 

This certainly is not the senior year I had imagined, but neither is the entire year of 2020. Not everything in life is planned, and I am learning to adapt to these situations. We can all either grow from change, or remain stuck in our past lives, and I am determined to make the most of my situation, regardless of where I might be learning. 

Beth Heimbuch of Cincinnati is a senior at Xavier University majoring in accounting.