OSCPA members and staff offer tips for working from home

Written on Mar 26, 2020

By Abigail Draper, OSCPA communication & engagement manager

“I've been working from home for 1½ years for OSCPA,” said Society Relationship Manager Ellen Schur Brown. “My tip is to get ready for work as if you're going in — shower, professional dress, make-up. It sets the tone for the day. That, and coffee.”

Hannah Henderson, CPA, senior tax accountant at GBQ back this up and says it helps her even if she’s just changing from “PJs to different comfy clothes.”

Members also stress the importance of creating a schedule and sticking to it to stay on track.

“Make a schedule for the day with tasks just like you are at the office,” said Caitlin Bainter, CPA, Audit Manager at Gilmore Jasion Mahler, LTD. “I put reminders on my phone for when I want to start something.”

Another tip is to take breaks to walk the dog, make coffee and recharge before returning to work.

“Get up and walk around every so often, but don't let chores distract you,” said Dannielle Browne, CECL risk analyst at Fifth Third Bank.

Don’t forget to stay positive, especially in the current circumstances. Being isolated for a long period of time might be difficult, but we all still need to make the best of it.

“Enjoy this opportunity and learn from it,” said Bob Pautke, president and CEO of SOAR with Purpose. “I have telecommuted and been virtual for decades and love it, but it takes personal leadership. Be an amazing personal leader.”

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  1. Lora | Mar 27, 2020

    I've been working remotely for 2 1/2 years.  I agree.  Every morning I get ready for work just like I was commuting to the office (only my professional wear is now much more casual - jeans, comfy shirt and sneakers).

    Take sanity breaks.  Without office distractions, it's easy to stay seated, in front of the computer, focused on work, talking to no one for hours.  Stand up, take a walk.

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