Self-promotion is a professional requirement

Written on Mar 12, 2020

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communications intern

People often think doing a great job will lead to a promotion. But if others don’t know about it, it can be as if the accomplishment never happened, says Lori Kaiser, CPA, CEO and founder of Kaiser Consulting.

Kaiser spoke with OSCPA in the fall to discuss the importance of self-promotion, how to promote your brand and the role that plays for women.

Self-promotion has become a more popular topic in recent years with the growth of social media platforms such as Linked In. But while people may be comfortable discussing their accomplishments online, you also need to know how to talk about them in person so you can build your brand, Kaiser said.

“Your brand is what you’re really good at, the things you can accomplish well,” Kaiser said. “But it’s also about morals, values and things that are really important to you.”

But having a brand isn’t enough, you also need to promote it. Kaiser would practice her elevator speech and keep flash cards in the compartment of her car so she wouldn’t stumble over her when engaging in conversation.

“Writing them out helped me find that middle ground between not talking at all and bragging,” she said.

According to Kaiser, women are more uncomfortable than men are when it comes to talking about their accomplishments. In fact, statistics say women won’t apply for a promotion, even if they have 70% of the qualifications, while men will apply with 40%, says Kaiser.

“The traits that make a man assertive make a woman pushy,” she said. “That’s cultural and we have to get over that.”

Kaiser said she believes it’s every person’s job to reach their full potential, and self-promotion is an important part of that. One method she uses to reach her highest potential is asking others to critique her executive presence.

“Executive presence is made up of many factors, the biggest one is gravitas,” she said. “In other words, how you own the room. I think that has a lot to do with confidence and how you communicate.”

Once she receives feedback on her executive presence, Kaiser sets a plan to improve and commits to it.

Whether you’re applying for a promotion, switching jobs or starting your own business, it’s important to know how to promote yourself. For more advice from Kaiser on how to do so, watch the full interview from our Fall Advance Program.

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