Chicken prevails in battle of the sandwiches

Written on Jan 09, 2020

By Nicole Fracasso, OSCPA communication intern

From the trusty PB&J to grilled chicken, most people enjoy a good sandwich. But have you ever thought about which sandwich you would choose if you could only have one for the entire year?

Last week our members responded in high numbers to our informal poll question, “If you could eat one sandwich for the rest of 2020, what would it be?” Their top response: the versatile grilled chicken sandwich, with about 25% of respondents. Closely following was the cheeseburger, with 23%. In addition, the Italian sub and tuna salad sandwiches tied at 10% while the Philly cheesesteak and grilled cheese sandwiches held 8% of votes each.

Members were also given a write-in option, and about 13% chimed in with turkey, chicken salad and “a really good Reuben!”

Lastly, only 3% of members chose the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

You can vote in our quick polls each week in CPA Takeaways and on our Facebook page. (This week’s question: What streaming series did you binge over the holidays?) And if you have a poll question you think we should ask, comment below.

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