Scholarship winner ready to broaden her horizons

Written on Aug 08, 2019

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA senior content manager

Brock1908Choosing a major in college can be overwhelming, but one undergraduate student said self-knowledge and knowing what she wants from life helped the process.

Accounting seemed like “a perfect fit,” said Aiwyn Brock, a sophomore at Ohio Northern University.

She first became interested in accounting after doing a career profile in high school that said the profession aligned with her goal in life of having a stable career and played into her interest of mathematics and Excel.

“I love the problem-solving aspect to it,” she said. “And working together in groups, especially at school for projects. It's been such a blast.”

Although Brock didn’t have any family members in accounting, her grandparents owned a business, so spending time there growing up influenced her outlook on finance.

The Cleveland-area native said she’s staying open-minded about her plans after graduation, but she is interested in the master’s program at ONU and would also like to earn her CPA. Right now, she’s focused on future internships and “broadening my horizons more.”

One way to do that is to network, one of the best pieces of advice Brock said she’s gotten so far and a skill she was able to practice in June at OSCPA’s Women’s Wealth and Wellness Conference.

“It was my first experience at a conference like that,” Brock said. “And being surrounded by so many professional and supportive women was amazing.”

She especially enjoyed hearing about diverse career experiences and the different paths you can take to be successful. Talking to other attendees at the conference reinforced her belief that the accounting major opens doors after graduation. That’s a sentiment Brock said she would share with other students considering accounting.

“It’s a great career choice for so many people,” she said. “And you can do so much with it.”

As an added surprise, Brock learned she’d won a $500 scholarship from GBQ. She said the unexpected announcement meant a lot to her.

“It makes a difference, because that little bit helps so much,” she said. “And it helps knowing that I can just keep doing what I'm doing and there are people out there supporting me.”

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  1. Dennis Haldiman BSBM and grandfather | Aug 08, 2019
    So proud of you!  You are bound for success and have the plan to make it happen!
  2. Tina Haldiman Brock | Aug 08, 2019
    I’m so proud of my daughter!
  3. Christy Beaschler, CPA | Aug 08, 2019
    Congratulations Aiwyn!   And thank you GBQ for the sponsorship!

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