Survey: Tech issues top of mind for accounting pros

Written on Jul 18, 2019

By Gary Hunt, CAE, OSCPA communications director

PollTHUMBAccounting professionals say cryptocurrency is the topic they most need to learn about, and 42% report their organization has been the target of a cyberattack.

Those were a couple of the interesting results from an unscientific poll we took of nearly 850 people at sessions of this spring’s Advance program, as well as online.

Fifty-six percent of respondents chose cryptocurrency when asked, “What profession-related topic do you feel the least knowledgeable about today?” Robotic process automation was second at 18%, while cybersecurity and critical audit matters were next, at 9% and 8%, respectively.

Locally, Toledo attendees were more enthusiastic about RPA (28%), while Dayton attendees were more interested than most in cryptocurrency (61%) and critical audit matters (11%).

Speaking of cybersecurity, more than four in 10 said their organization had been targeted by a cyberattack. That was led by more than half of respondents in the Columbus area.

The survey also showed that employers had better take care of their workers, as 73% are being contacted by recruiters at least several times per year. Perhaps not surprising, online respondents reported being recruited most frequently, as 45% say they are contacted more than once a month.

Online respondents also were less likely to have experienced a cyberattack at their organization (31%); and – again, probably not surprising – prefer conversations less than most when it comes to business communication, at 10%, compared to 19% for respondents overall. Columbus respondents were the chattiest, at 28%.

In total, most respondents chose email as the best form of contact (69%), while company-wide or department meetings finished dead last (2%).

You can view the total results of our four survey questions below.


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