CPAs of Ohio turns one

Written on Mar 16, 2017

CPAs of Ohio

By Jennifer Rieman, CAE, manager, public relations

One year ago, our “CPAs of Ohio” series debuted in CPA Takeaways and on social media with a CPA who loves gumball machines.

Victor Szerpicki, CPA, audit manager at Walthall CPAs, restores vintage gumball machines for family, friends and occasionally clients.

“I’ve done somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 machines,” Szerpicki said.

Szerpicki’s profile kicked off a long list of fascinating CPAs from all over Ohio. The weekly series profiles CPAs and accounting professionals in a personal, authentic way.

Just like Szerpicki, many CPAs have hobbies that are a bit out of the ordinary.

Lori Kaiser, CPA, CEO of Kaiser Consulting, told us about her decision to earn her private pilot’s license. Royce Chesser, MBA, CPA, OFAC, CGMA, deputy auditor at Franklin County, shared his love of racing photography.

“The right camera helps, but you need to develop a certain set of skills and timing, because you have something moving at a high rate of speed,” Chesser said. “You have to move with the car, and you have to have the right timing and know when to push the button and execute the photo.”

Often the conversations head in a personal direction.

ACAP-Ohio student Audrey Osudoh told us about how The Ohio CPA Foundation program convinced her to major in accounting. Darlene Rogers, CPA, senior accountant at White Castle, described what it was like to help raise her niece after her sister died. And Chris Igodan, CPA, associate vice president, Nationwide Financial Controllership at Nationwide Insurance, explained how Buckeye fans remind him of his home country.

“In South Africa I went to a high school where we played rugby, and the community would come together on Saturday afternoons,” Igodan said. “It brought the city together and created camaraderie. I have that camaraderie about being a Buckeye.”

During September, CPAs of Ohio featured accounting educators. Gerald Weinstein, Ph.D., CPA, professor of accountancy, John Carroll University, talked about the challenges in accounting education today and Cynthia Turner, Ph.D., CPA, senior lecturer, The Ohio State University, shared a story about a former student and the impact educators can have in transforming student’s lives.

“How often we forget that as a teacher the things you say to students really matter,” Turner said. “Just speaking positively and encouraging a student could shift a student’s perspective of who they are and what they’re capable of doing.”

Are you interested in being featured in CPAs of Ohio or have a suggestion of someone we should talk to? Contact either Jennifer Rieman or Jessica Salerno to schedule an interview.

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