New Ohio PTE registration process

Written on Aug 13, 2019

The Ohio Department of Taxation is advising to pass-through entities/ tax preparers filing an IT 1140, IT 4708, or IT 1041 for the first time for tax year 2019 (a new PTE filer) of a new registration process.

Beginning in January 2018, ODT began processing PTE returns and payments using a new computer system. This new system registered and created an account for a new PTE filer upon receipt of their first PTE return. However, PTEs often begin making estimated payments in advance of filing a PTE return.

In order to better link IT 1140, IT 4708 and IT 1041 estimated payments to the appropriate account, ODT has created a registration form. The new registration form allows the Department to create accounts for new PTE filers in its system, ensuring that the PTE has an account from the beginning and that payments are properly credited to subsequently filed returns.

New PTE filers should submit the registration form prior to or along with their first estimated payment and universal payment coupon (UPC). If you are a new PTE filer, but have already made an estimated payment, please provide the registration form as soon as possible.

Send all completed registration forms to:

Ohio Department of Taxation
Employment Tax Division
Pass Through Entity Section
PO Box 2476
Columbus OH 43216-2476

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