Tax news from around the web: August 21 – 25, 2017

Written on Aug 22, 2017

Ohio preps for centralized collection as cities mull lawsuit
The Ohio Department of Taxation is moving forward with plans to offer optional centralized collection of municipal net profits taxes even as some cities are reportedly thinking about challenging the plan in court.

Tax treatment of loans from hospitals to newly recruited physicians
To help attract physicians in a competitive environment, hospitals and other health care providers may extend loans to newly recruited doctors. However, if not handled carefully, these loans may be re-characterized as compensation, which can trigger unexpected income and payroll taxes for the doctor.

Tech Corner - 29 hidden Chrome features that will make your life easier
All the important internet things are available in browser form—from communication tools to productivity suites to disposable escapist entertainment. It's almost like the browser has become an OS in and of itself.

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